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What Are Boomerangers?

The boomerang generation is a term used to define the current generation of young professionals who tend to come back home and live with their parents instead of conquering the world. Boomerangers are given this title due to the frequency with which they return to their place of origin. One of the primary reasons for boomeranging is economy. For most fresh graduates and young professionals ages 18-34 years, successful careers don't come easy especially with the current global economic recession that is happening. For most of these young adults, living a more modest lifestyle is not enough. More sacrifices have to be made, and one solution is to move back home with their parents.

Although there are many pros to this living situation, many critics worry about the negative effects this may have on the independence of the children from their parents and other family members. Studies show that children who come to stay home after being unsuccessful in their initial careers or even a job hunt, become less motivated in their next career hunt if parents continue to support them financially. This can eventually lead to lesser self-confidence. Some children even tend to live unhealthy lifestyles and turn into couch potatoes due to an eventual lack of self esteem.

Some boomerangers, however, are not totally useless inside the home. With the advent of home-based jobs available in many different industries, opportunities for these boomerangers to maintain their productivity at home are becoming more apparent. Children can now continue to earn a living while staying at home and searching for their next employment.

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