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What Are Bullies?

A person who is mean to other people is called a bully. There are many reasons why a person becomes a bully. It normally starts during childhood, usually when the child is not monitored by the parents. Some parents may have more than one job, which is why they are too busy to teach their children proper conduct. They do not realize that their child is not behaving well, especially in school. Another reason is that the child may also be a victim of other bullies. Normally, these children unconsciously continue to be bullies until their teenage years, and even way into adulthood.

Weak individuals are usually the targets of a bully. Bullies want to be superior in class or in the workplace. They always want to be the highlight of the class so they intend to be noisy and abusive of others who they think would not fight back. More often than not, they choose those who are younger in age, with a different nationality, disabled, or who are geeks.

Bullies usually frighten their victims to keep quiet about their abusive acts. These victims can become shy and easily upset with things, if not become bullies themselves someday. Victims of a bully need to catch up and get over things in order to prevent themselves from being antisocial in the future.

Keeping away from bullies or standing up against bullies are ways to avoid them. However, standing up against them is the best way to protect oneself, and maybe even change their attitude in doing so.

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