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What Are Buppies?

The term “buppy” is an acronym for Black Urban Professional, referring to a member of the black middle class. Buppies can either be male or female, and tend to progress in their chosen professional careers. Buppies are also considered upwardly mobile, whereby they have worked their way to increase their status quo, usually to middle class level. The civil rights movement in the 1960s gave way to opportunities for black people. College and white collar jobs became available for them, which increased the number of black middle class society.

The march of the buppies gave way to a lot of social, cultural, and economic awareness and competition amongst the white and black communities. As awareness grew, so did power and privileges for more black people, leading to even more buppies into the picture. More and more people have been supporting businesses owned by black families and corporations. This, in turn, brought many companies into competition as they tried to win back the black market.

Buppies are also considered yuppies, or young professional adults. And with the increasing number of buppies in the population nowadays, the effect of the black middle class generation is becoming more widespread. Local politics is another aspect that can be greatly affected by this group, especially if strongly united with each other. These black middle class young adults can be a great influence on the outcome of a local election. Boycotts, unions, and other group-related causes can also be influenced by the growing number of buppies when they band together.

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