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What Are Common Insomnia Treatments?

Insomnia is a condition wherein the individual experiences problems with sleep. A person suffering from insomnia may experience either of these two situations:

- Difficulty in falling asleep
- Difficulty in staying asleep.

There are different kinds of insomnia: transient insomnia (lasts for less than a week), acute insomnia (lasts for less than a month), and chronic insomnia (lasts for more than a month). Many different factors cause insomnia, and the treatment for the condition depends on these causes as well as the kind of insomnia that one is suffering from.

The most important factor in determining the treatment for insomnia is to pinpoint the cause. This can be a relatively long process, something which cannot be done overnight. Sleep patterns, stress levels, and other habits will be observed and noted down in order to determine what is causing sleep problems.

In some cases, doctors may prescribe medication to treat insomnia, but not all medication works in the same way so some experimentation may be necessary. A change in lifestyle may also be required in cases where stress and substance intake is the main cause of insomnia. This can require anything from reducing caffeine intake during the day to developing a new sleeping routine to reducing the light in the sleeping area. Other possible solutions include noise-proofing the sleeping area, taking a warm bath before bedtime, drinking herbal tea prior to going to bed, and taking supplements such as melatonin.

It is essential to bear in mind that prescription sleeping pills ought to be the last recourse for insomnia treatment. The underlying cause should first be determined and other options should be tried out before resorting to medication.

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