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What Are Consumables?

Consumables refer to items or goods that are bought on a recurring basis because of the fact that they are used up regularly. More often than not, consumables are considered to be essential in the daily operations of businesses. While consumption may go down during times of economic crisis, consumables are still part of the regular expense list. For this reason, the market for consumables is considered to be fairly stable. Indeed, there is a sector that focuses specifically on providing consumables to businesses.

Perhaps the most common items that are considered consumables are office supplies. These items can include pens, paper, notebooks, notepads, printer ink or toner, paper clips, and the like. These things are items that we always see in the office premises. More often than not, a business has mechanisms set in place that will “automatically” make sure that the consumables are replaced before they totally run out.

Consumables are not limited to those used in offices. In fact, a lot of household goods also fall under this category. Think about your regular shopping list for the grocery store or supermarket. The chances are that the items that always find themselves on the list are consumables. Think toilet paper, detergent, bath soap, and dishwashing liquid - all of these are consumables which need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Consumables may also have their durable counterparts. Think disposable plates and containers. They are a feasible alternative to the durable ones, and more consumers are finding more reason to use them.

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