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What Are Corns?

Corns are thickened layers of skin that form on the feet due to repeated pressure and friction. While they may look horrible, they are actually formed as a mechanism to protect your feet from further pressure and friction. However, corns may need to be treated as they can become massive growths and become an irritation.

There are two types of corns - soft corns and hard corns. The former is usually found in between one’s toes. The usual cause of soft corns is the fact that either (or both) of the fourth and fifth toe bones is too wide. The latter can be found on the soles or on the sides of the feet. They are usually caused by shoes that are too tight or ill-fitting. In rarer cases, hard corns can be due to abnormalities in the shape of the foot.

Corns are not considered serious conditions, but they can be bothersome, especially if they get worse. There are many over-the-counter medication that can be bought to treat corns at home, without the supervision of a trained doctor. Moreover, a person who has corns should examine his footwear. Oftentimes, a mere change of shoes can help prevent the formation of corns. Combined with over-the-counter medication, comfortable shoes can get rid of corns over time. There are also pads that can be bought from the pharmacy or even shoe stores. These pads can be placed where the foot experiences friction the most. Getting rid of the friction will also result in the disappearance of corns over time.

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