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What Are Court Reporting Firms?

All legal proceedings that occur within the confines of a court room must be recorded and detailed by individuals who were present during all the relevant times and dates. However, the court itself may not have the capacity to provide for a court reporter. Courts, lawyers, and other involved individuals may solicit court-reporting firms for an accurate and detailed recording of such legal proceedings. The proceedings may not necessarily be the actual litigation but are recorded due to the possibility that it may lead to litigation.

Court-reporting firms provide court reporters to record whatever legal proceedings occur. This may be done through the use of a stenograph, but the use of video or audio recorders may also be possible. Individuals involved in the legal proceedings may be sworn in by the court reporter to ensure that, if necessary, whatever is recorded is admissible in court. This is important so as to ensure the integrity of the testimony or conversation recorded in the event that it becomes crucial during the course of litigation.

The services offered by court-reporting firms may differ form one another since each firm attempts to differentiate through the area of law in which they are extremely capable. For example, one court-reporting firm may specialize in corporate law since its court reporters are well-versed in corporate jargon as well as the necessary legal proceedings involved in such a field of law. It is also possible for court-reporting firms to differ in the cost of their service. Some firms may provide more expensive but more technically trained court reporters than others.

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