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What Are Criminal Proceedings?

Criminal proceedings explain the different procedures or processes undertaken when a crime is suspected then reported and required an investigation. This also occurs when it is already confirmed that those guilty need to be arrested.

Different processes are to be followed not only to keep things in order but most especially, to make sure that everything’s going on the right path. In this case, investigations need to be accurate and everyone involved in the crime should be given the appropriate punishment. Also, criminal proceedings help identify the extent of the crime and the appropriate punishment to be given to those convicted.

Booking is the first step. It is when records are being made; records which include the information about the defendant and even the crime being charged. It is also where fingerprints and photographs are being kept for further investigation.

What follows is the arraignment. This is when the defendant would be in court to start the investigation to enter his or her plea whether guilty or not guilty. After the court decides, the decision whether the defendant is allowed to post bail or must be detained would be finalized.

Then the trial begins until it reaches the sentencing stage. The reading of the sentence will determine whether the defendant would be allowed to just pay a fine, or given probation or put into jail.

The last procedure would be appeal. This is the time when the defendant requests for another investigation and hearing to make sure that the procedures, evidences are all properly followed and presented. An appeal could be the defendant’s chance to again prove his self and maybe cause a change in the decision or punishment terms.

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