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What Are the Different Negotiation Steps?

A negotiation is a process with the goal to reach an agreement. This may vary on the styles used in the negotiation but some steps are common to multiple kinds of negotiation. A negotiation is processed when parties are in conflict and want to have a peaceful resolution.

The first step to a negotiation is to weigh your options. It is important to believe that it's really in your best interest to go through the negotiations. Second step is to determine what you want. This will give you a firm perspective on what you want to achieve after the negotiation. A person should also consider what he has to offer to the other party. This might be a good idea to put you in the other party’s shoes. It is important that what you have to offer is what the other party wants. Once the person determines what he wants, the next thing to do is to persuade the other party but not force to agree on the offer. The last step is to determine the medium of the negation. Some cases will require the negotiation through an agent who has plenty of experience with the subject. Choosing your agent properly is very important because he will be the one helping both parties through the negotiation. The agent can help with giving the parties involved in the negotiation process all the options possible. In some easy cases, negotiations can be done face to face, through the telephone, sending emails and other ways with communicating. There is no specific rule that requires parties to choose a certain medium. They should choose something which they are both comfortable with.

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