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What Are the Different Types of Warrants?

A warrant is a document sanctioned by the court that authorizes a law enforcement officer to do something. There are different types of warrants available for the court to issue.

The most common type of a warrant is the warrant of arrest and search warrant. An arrest warrant is issued to detain a person who is suspected to be committing a crime. An arrest warrant is not always easy to obtain. Probable cause should support that a crime has been committed by the person indicated in the warrant.

A search warrant is issued by the court to authorize law enforcement officers to search a private property which may contain evidence. The warrant should state the purpose of the search and indicate the place being searched and the evidence they tend to discover. Another type of a warrant is the alias warrant. If a defendant has failed to show up in court for initial appearance after a citation is issued, an alias warrant may be issued. Another warrant is the bench warrant wherein a defendant fails to show up for a scheduled court date. If a defendant fails to pay the fine after a guilty verdict, a Capias warrant may be issued. Other types of warrants include the federal warrant and the state warrant which is frequently used in the United States. The federal warrant is issued by a federal judge in criminal cases after presentation of facts to support the issuance of the warrant. State warrants are issued for an individual in a criminal case in behalf of the state.

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