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What Are DINKs?

DINK is the acronym for Double Income, No Kid, and refers to working couples who have no children. DINKs can be considered a subset of yuppies, and are reputed to have more money to spend than typical double income parents. Although DINKs generally have more liberty at spending money and get to travel and dine more frequently than other families, there are certain concerns that these affluent, childless couples face.

Since DINKs enjoy a luxurious lifestyle from higher paying jobs and lesser household expenses, having children can be a major decision. These rich couples initially choose not to have children for want or need for more preparation. However, when the time comes that they are ready to have children, concerns about a possible change in lifestyle may come up. Though for high income couples, having one parent stay at home to take care of the children may not affect their way of living. Couples with significant savings need not worry about a possible change in lifestyle either.

DINKs are usually the target of most advertisers who want to sell luxury commodities like fancy vacation tours and packages. Banks and other investment institutions may try to get into the wallets of these rich couples by attracting them to make investments that can lead to more savings to prepare them for the future. Although the market has since targeted regular couples in their strategies, same-sex couples are now becoming hot in the eyes of advertisers. Since same-sex DINKs are less likely to have children than regular ones, they have a higher probability of maintaining their current lifestyle and income, making them more attractive as marketing targets.

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