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What Are Disability Lawyers?

Attorneys-at-law usually specialize in a specific area of law since the scope of law is broad and general. Disability lawyers specialize in disability law or laws that involve the welfare and rights of the disabled.

Within the area of disabled law, some disability lawyers may still choose a more specific area of law practice. Some disability lawyers choose to focus on disability compensation. Government or private agencies may provide some form of compensation to aid disabled individuals because such individuals may be deprived of work, lodging, or food. A disability lawyer practicing in this field may assist a disabled individual in obtaining disability compensation. Included in this compensation are disability insurance benefits, which provides a certain amount of money to individuals who become disabled and therefore cannot work. A disability lawyer can help the disabled file for application and assist them with the verification process.

It is also possible for disability lawyers to handle cases involving temporary disability. An individual can become temporarily blind and merit certain disability benefits during his or her temporary disability. A disability lawyer can argue that such an individual deserves disability benefits during the duration of the disability.

Disability lawyers may also work for government and non-government agencies by working with disability law rather than disabled people. Such lawyers may evaluate existing disability laws and apply them to their current work setting through eligibility conditions and verification processes. Guidelines and rules of disability compensation may also be formulated by disability lawyers as long as they are in accordance with the law.

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