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What Are Do It Yourself Wills?

A will is a written, legal document that details the wishes and desires of a person when he or she dies. It is sometimes difficult to prove a will was done at the behest of the deceased, thus making it difficult for beneficiaries of the will to obtain any of the property that was left to them. This type of legal document can be done without the assistance of a lawyer and when done so, is referred to as a do it yourself will.

Also called last will and testament kits, do it yourself wills do not require the services of an attorney-at-law. An individual may write a legal document by himself or herself in order to provide the terms and conditions upon which his or her estate will be distributed. These documents are often sold as a template or guide for individuals to make their own wills. Included in the purchase is a set of instructions that informs the individual as to how to make a basic last will and testament. Such instructions may include how to insert provisions as well as the terms or definitions that the person must know before writing his or her own do it yourself will.

This kind of legal document is considered binding and is a cost-effective means of ensuring the future of one’s estate as well as the future of its beneficiaries. A do it yourself will must address the issues and the estate of the deceased in accordance with the laws and statutes of the jurisdiction that the deceased falls under.

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