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What Are Expert Witness Qualifications?

There are several ways to determine whether someone is qualified to be an expert witness or not. To establish someone’s expertise, the court usually inquires about the education, special training, skills and professional knowledge of a person. To establish this, the court lets both the hiring attorney and the opposing counsel to question the witness about his special abilities. The opposing counsel is provided with an opportunity to challenge the qualifications of the witness and preclude him from being accepted by the court.

Once the individual is considered a valuable participant in the case, he will be permitted to give his opinions regarding the subject at hand however, if the court didn’t recognize this individual, he will not be allowed to give any testimony. Both the prosecution and the defendant are allowed to attempt a tactic to recognize once expertise in a particular field. Typically, the hiring attorney meets with the witness to study their every move and answers. This helps in giving the witness a chance to be ready on everything he might come upon on the trial. An expert witness is a professional and has specialized knowledge in his field that is why it is very important to give the court a straight answer that is confident and easy to understand. This will help the witness to prove that his testimony is real. Also this will help educate the court including the judge and the jury in determining and understanding difficult evidence. It is very important that the witness shows no fear and have confidence in his testimony so that the jury can establish truthfulness in his words.

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