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What Are Fluoride Water Filters?

The water supply in the United States and many other countries contain fluoride supplements. Recent research has shown that the fluoride is not essential and actually have some adverse effects on health. While it may take a while for the water supply system to remove fluoride altogether, people can take personal steps remove the fluoride from their water—using fluoride water filters.

Fluoride water filters are relatively affordable and provide many health benefits. First of all the filters will prevent dental fluorisis wherein the fluoride causes teeth to became brown and pitted.
The filter can also remove other toxins in the water. There are stories of water being polluted with lead from pipes, or mercury or arsenic which may have leaked from fertilizers and other chemical processes or waste and into the soil or ocean water.

There are many different kinds of fluoride water filters. Some of them are quite basic and are directly connected to the faucet. This allows you to use tap water for things like washing dishes or cleaning and then switch to filtered water for drinking or cooking.

Other fluoride water filters are directly installed under the sink and work automatically. More expensive models are attached to several spouts and can even be connected to the refrigerator ice cub maker. The fluoride water filter has cartridges that may need to be occasionally replaced. Luckily this procedure can be done quite easily and will only take minutes to finish.

Fluoride water filters should not be confused with distillation or chlorination purification methods, which do not remove fluoride from the water.

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