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What Are Frolleagues?

The term frolleague is a slang mixture of two words: friend and colleague. Frolleagues are people you work with in the office that also have personal friendly relationships with you. However, some frolleagues may not be close friends with you, and may be connected to you only through social networking sites.

The frolleague relationships usually start in the workplace, and level up to friendship though a series of encounters while talking about angsts about work. More often than not, frolleagues bond over a common enemy like a boss or another colleague. For men, this usually mean Friday night drinking at a bar while complaining about wages and working hours. Some frolleagues, on the other hand, are more colleagues than friends. They are considered great allies in the office, for lack of better companionship, but the friendship ends when the day is over.

Popular social networking sites that may connect you to other frolleagues outside of work are Facebook, Myspace, Friendster and others. Although these social networking sites can help to encourage camaraderie amongst colleagues as they share successes of the day, it can also be a little too personal for people who work together. Family pictures, personal notes and messages, and past photos and experiences are often posted on these sites, and may be things that one would never have his or her boss or colleague see in any other case. Although most social networking sites have developed a privacy system that can be customized, these personal items can still be a cause for embarrassment inside the office.

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