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What Are the Functions of the Left Brain?

The brain has two hemispheres known as the right brain and the left brain. These two divisions are based on functions and helps in determining the nature of an individual.

The left brain controls the functions on the right side of the body. The left hemisphere acts as the store house for information like names, experiences, events, and knowledge. Left-brained individuals are known to be logical, sequential, rational, analytical, and objective. They display a great deal of common sense. They solve problems logically by making logical deductions from information acquired. Their math and science skills are very good and they can memorize formulas well. They can express their ideas eloquently in words and numbers. They are not animated when talking and hardly use gestures. They are highly organized individuals and tend to focus on the details and sequence of things. They make very good planners and are not risk takers. They are very good followers, too, and will not question rules.

Left-brained individuals tend to excel in the fields of law, science, medicine, accounting, engineering and other fields requiring analytical skills, strategic planning and objectivity.

Studies show that damage to the left brain can lead to immunological problems with right handed individuals as well as problems with speech, writing, memory and analytical thinking.

It is observed that left and right-brained thinking are both exhibited in an individual. Some just have a tendency to be more than the other. There are individuals who achieve a balance between the right brain and the left brain who are called “whole-brained”.

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