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What Are the Functions of the Right Brain?

The brain has been divided into two distinct hemispheres called the left brain and the right brain. There is a slight difference in their structure but the division is basically about function. This is not to say that a left-handed person is dominantly left-brained because it is not so.

The right brain is known to control the functions on the left side of the body so a right-brained person tends to use his left side of the body more.

The right brain is responsible for the artistic side and the feeling functions so a right-brained person is known to be instinctive in their decision-making. They are forward thinkers and do not bother with the fine details. They tend to see the bigger picture better.

Right-brained individuals are imaginative. They remember people and events better based on the picture in their minds. They can understand symbols and images better. They communicate better with gestures and tones. They have a tendency to rely on how things are said and the emotions involved rather than the exact words said.

They have a deeper understanding of religion and philosophy. Conceptual ideas and information are more comprehensible for them.

They are often innovators and forward looking. Right-brained individuals tend to become artists like musicians, and painters. Their ideas and feelings are expressed in their work.

Right-brained individuals are prone to depression and have a reputation for being disorganized.

However, no one is absolutely right-brained or left-brained only. Some are just more right-brained or left-brained than the others. There are also those who achieved a balance between the two and are known as “whole-brained”.

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