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What Are Helicopter Parents?

Helicopter parent is a slang used for parents who “hover” over their children like helicopters, regardless of whether they are needed or not. These parents tend to pay very close attention to their children's experiences in life, particularly in school. They make efforts to clear every challenge that gets in the way of their children. These over protective parents try to resolve all of their children's issues for them, and don't allow any harm to come to their children. Some parents' interference get to the point where they intrude in the salary negotiations of their children. Other terms used for these parental situations are curling parenthood, overparenting, and lawnmower parents.

Although these parents mean well and have their children's best interest at heart, overparenting can actually do more harm than good. When parents hover around their children and smooth out every single bad situation for them, the room for growth for these children become very limited. People in general grow the most through actual experiences. Allowing children to experience problems gives them the opportunity to think of solutions and exercise their problem solving skills. Their reasoning skills begin to develop and their logical thinking sharpens with every dilemma they encounter, whether they overcome them or not.

It is best for these parents to allow maximum growth for their children at an early age by letting them solve their own problems, with their help and guidance. These children will grow to become responsible, confident and intelligent individuals who know how handle themselves in any given situation.

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