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What Are the Labia Minora?

Labia minora are actually skin folds found in the inner part of the female vulva just below the clitoris. It’s normal color ranges from light to dark pink, brown, purple or dark brown. However, changes in color, itching, or redness may be an indicator of a disorder and must be checked right away. Inside these folds is the opening of the urethra and the vagina. The labia minora is surrounded by the bigger labia majora and are often not symmetrical or equal in size. Some labia minora are large and hangs while others are small and hardly cover the vulva. The size and shape of the labia minora is not a big deal except when the individual is not comfortable with it or it hurt during sex. However, some women are just so conscious that they even opt for surgery to resize their labia minora.

A cheese-like substance that ranges from white to yellow in color can be found under the clitoral hood and builds up on the labia minora. This dry or moist secretion is normal and is made up of skin cells and a natural, oily lubricant called sebum secreted by the glands around the vulva and clitoris and may be washed by water. The vagina has its own way of cleaning itself but still proper personal hygiene should be observed. Yeast infection, sexually transmitted disease, bacterial infection, and skin ulcers can cause itching, burning sensation, smelly vaginal discharge, difficulty in urination are all indications of possible vaginal problems. This can be remedied by medication. Consult a qualified physician.

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