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What Are Looky-Loos?

Looky-loos are people who enjoy browsing through racks and aisles for products they have no intention of buying. These people love the act of shopping, mostly trying on clothes, inquiring about items on sale and discounts, asking for different sizes, colors and designs, and comparing prices. In most cases, these looky-loos are people with several hours of time to spare on a lazy day. For a lot of people, window shopping is therapeutic, and can instantly become a favorite past time for first-timers.

Although looky-loos in general can manage on their own, some have the habit of taking up too much of a salesperson's time. They may ask for assistance in trying on an expensive pair of shoes, or they may ask to test drive a luxury vehicle, knowing they can never afford them. These wasted efforts can be costly for the salesperson and the store if a paying customer would come in while they are “busy”. These missed opportunities are avoided by retailers by using signals or code words to alert the salespersons around whether the customer is a looky-loo or a potential buyer.

Since looky-loos are becoming more apparent in stores, proper etiquette is best observed to avoid wasting time and resources of the store personnel. If you are just looking around, inform the salesperson who approaches you of your intentions. If there are items you wish to try on or check out that are not available on the aisles or racks, you can ask for assistance. However, make sure that the salesperson is aware that you are just looking. That way they can assist you but not have to wait for your final decision.

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