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What Are Lost Wages?

There are instances when a litigant or plaintiff claims that he or she could not work and therefore could not earn due to the actions perpetrated by the defendant. When this occurs, the plaintiff sues the defendant for lost wages. The purpose of this type of lawsuit is for the plaintiff to be compensated for the lost wages due to the action or inaction of the defendant.

Work related accidents resulting in temporary or permanent disability of an employee may lead to the employer’s legal liability over the situation. Thus, an employee who suffers such accidents may file for legal action against his or her employer in order to gain lost wages that resulted from the accident that rendered him or her disabled. Lost wages are part of the compensation or damages awarded to a plaintiff when it has been proven that the employer had legal liability over the incident. Legal liability in work places can be established by state worker compensation laws in order to provide employees with some form of insurance.

Lost wages can include the time that the person is unable to work and the time spent for treatment or therapy. Before a person can apply for lost wages, he or she must be issued some form of medical authorization stating that he or she cannot work for a certain period of time. Other legal documents are necessary for a person to be given lost wages such as a statement from the employer detailing the person’s income and position, normal work hours, and other pertinent information.

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