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What Are the Most Common Indigenous People of Central and South America?

The central and south America is home to people of different cultures, particularly those with ethnic origins. Those are the places where some of the greatest ancient civilizations flourished. The most well-known indigenous people in the central and south America are undeniably the Mayans, Aztecs and the Incas.

The Mayans were considered one of the most advance civilizations with well developed network of trade, advanced sciences and infrastructures. They are known for their innovations and inventions that lasted even in the modern times. Their sciences are still influential in today’s time. Their advanced knowledge in mathematics and writing has greatly contributed to the present mathematical and writing systems. In the present times, the Mayans’ heritage can be seen in Mexico and parts of Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. There are millions of modern Mayans living in Latin Americas as of the present. The Aztecs on the other hand are also one of the indigenous people in the central and south America whose population are still evident in Mexico. In fact, they are one of the first peoples in Mexico whose civilization proliferated at the same time with the Mayans. The Aztecs were well-known for their cocoa products as this was considered a currency during their time. Cocoa beans were used for trading things in the Aztec ancient culture. The Incas, which is also one of the common indigenous people in central and south America are the original people of Peru. They were known for their astronomy as well with their advanced system of building structures.

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