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What Are Pet Psychics?

A psychic refers to a person who claims to be able to perceive thoughts and emotions that are not normally perceived by the human senses. Pet psychics are people who claim to read thoughts and emotions, and communicate with animals through psychic ability. Other names for pet psychics are animal communicators, and pet whisperers. Although some pet psychics claim to have the ability to communicate to animals that have long since passed away, most pet psychics adhere to the discipline of animal communicators or animal psychologists.

Pet psychics often work with pet owners to try and understand pets who are displaying repetitive disturbing behavior. The animals are “interviewed” directly to find out the underlying causes and reasons for their misbehavior. Once the reasons have been established, the pet owners then decide on the best course to take.

In cases of missing and deceased pets, most pet psychics prefer to work from a distance. They often communicate with the pet owners through phone interviews. Since animal pictures are needed to establish a connection between the psychic and the animal, the photos are either hand delivered beforehand, or sent through mail. The psychic then gets into a trance, and telepathic messages are sent to and fro. Messages sent to missing pets are usually instructions and directions on how to get back home. Pet psychics claim that the response they receive from the animals are in the form of images and emotions. These images and emotions are not interpreted, but are relayed directly to the pet owners.

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