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What Are Probate Solicitors?

Probate solicitors are officials appointed as witnesses to the writing of a person's will, and later on, its proper execution and the rightful distribution of the deceased's assets among their trustees. Probate solicitors are related to cases where a probate inheritance is involved - that is, in order to ensure the proper distribution of their assets, the person hires probate solicitors to certify that the will was written in a sane, sober state of mind and that the deceased person had not been persuaded into altering any of the facts on the will in any way.

Probate solicitors also have the function of resolving disputes between trustees - in some cases, even simple statements can become the base for various disputes and arguments, as trustees attempt to twist words into meanings that are more beneficial to them. In these cases, the probate solicitor must act as the person according to whom the will is to be interpreted, and usually they will give advice to people writing their wills to help them prevent any potential misunderstandings due to poor wording.

Probate solicitors are used almost universally when inheritance is involved in recent times, as inheritance disputes have become more and more prevalent. Some people still choose to sign their wills without hiring a probate solicitor, and in some cases this works out fine, but appointing one is a very good precaution against any potential disputes and this should be kept in mind at all times.

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