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What Are Roma Gypsies ?

Roma Gypsies are a fascinating group of people. They are a nomadic group of people who have a massive distrust of governments, and most modern societies. There is a large group that have been assimilated, but mostly they still stick together roaming around in Eastern Europe and travel about selling goods, produce, and other hand made items whenever they can. They were largely abused during WW1 and WW2 and sought refuge in Romania where they were left largely alone but have now seen rise to growing discrimination because of their nomadic ways.

roma gypsies

"Roma Gypsies are believed by academics to hail from India and that the Romani language is one of the Indo-Aryan languages sharing a close tie to Hindi.
According to the books by Barna Mezey, László Pomogyi and István Tauber (Budapest, 1985) entitled A magyarországi cigánykérdés dokumentumokban, 1422-1985 (The Gypsy question in Hungary: Documents, 1422-1985) - Gypsies originally came from northern India and parts of Pakistan.
Their culture was infused with Greek, Persian, and Armenian - and the Mongol invasion of parts of Central Asia prompted their westward migration." via Monsters and Critics

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