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What Are Salt Pills?

Salt pills, or salt tablets, are dietary supplements that are used to help maintain the balance between salt and water in the body. The balance is necessary in order for proper metabolism to take place. Salt pills are used to replace the salt that our body loses. Salt is lost via perspiration, which has about 2.5 to 3.5 grams of salt per liter.

Not everyone needs to take salt pills. As a matter of fact, the traditional use of salt tablets was limited to athletes, who sweat more than usual and take in more water than usual. More so, on the average, people consume a lot of salt in their diets, negating the need for supplements. Some people think that people who follow certain diets, such as vegan diets, need salt supplements. With the kinds of food available in the market today, however, there really is more salt than necessary in what the average person ingests, even if they are on a vegan diet.

Today, even athletes do not rely on salt pills as supplements anymore. The trend is actually leaning towards getting more electrolytes rather than only salt. As a result, sports drinks and other supplements which have a more complicated composition are more in demand than salt pills.

Salt tablets are still available today, but one should not use them without consulting the doctor. As mentioned above, the balance between salt and water in the body is important and too little or too much salt can lead to serious health problems.

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