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What Are Social Butterflies?

A social butterfly refers to a person who can enhance the atmosphere of an event even with the presence of people from he or she doesn't know and people with different backgrounds. As the word social butterfly implies, these people are like butterflies that gives off a vibrant and lively energy while flying from one flower to another. In other words, as social butterfly is someone who can make an event more lively, someone who is capable of making friends easily, and someone who is an asset in every social gatherings. It is a type of personality that more extrovert and open to new acquaintances without getting shy or embarrassed with him or herself and without making fun of others.

There is however, another meaning for social butterfly. Looking the other way, social butterfly is a derogatory terms that refer to women and even men who have different partners or who keep on changing partners or have been dating many different individuals of the opposite sex. Sometimes the term social butterfly is also used for people who are so loud, assuming a higher status that others, who are overbearing and are disdainful of others. They are no longer considered a social butterfly because instead of making a party lively, they are making a gathering seemed more like a very uncomfortable event to be there with as there would be people who just act as critics. It is worth to note that a social butterfly is a person who can make people at ease, can easily start a conversation with people whom they don’t know so well and can make friends to a lot of new faces and personalities.

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