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What Are Some After School Activities?

After school activities are a great way to get kids involved in productive activities that can help them to continue to grow and progress mentally, emotionally and socially outside of the traditional school day. These programs are organized by primary and secondary schools, and other funded organizations. There are many different kinds of activities to which children can participate in, and they are usually held at community centers, libaries, parks, camps, etc.

One type of after school activity is sports. During summer vacation, many schools and communities organize leagues and sports teams for children to participate in. A coach for the team is assigned to help these kids develop their physical skills in sports through practices conducted regularly. Children also learn the value of team playing and leadership.

Another activity is performing arts such as dance, drama, ballet, and music. In most cases, girls choose this after school activity more than they do sports. These activities are usually held at community centers. Creative arts such as painting, drawing, arts and crafts are another type of after school activity. The town or school library is a common venue for these visual or fine arts activities. Scouting, boys and girls clubs, camping and other outdoor recreation activities are common among older children.

Although these activities aim to cultivate the children by giving them experiences with leadership, teamwork, basic skills, etc. there are some activities where children who are academically challenged can join. Cramming schools for science, mathematics, literacy, public speaking and the like can help these kids to catch up with classmates and school work.

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