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What Are Some Deposition Tips?

A legal deposition provides written information that is necessary to a court case. During a legal deposition, the witness is asked questions of clarification or asked to provide new pieces of information relevant to the case. A court reporter is present during the recording of the deposition. The deposition is recorded in various formats; it may be hand-written, transcribed, and recorded on audio or even on video. A legal deposition may be presented during a court trial to the judge and jury if the witness is absolutely unable to make an appearance in court.

Because of the significance a deposition may have on a court trial, it is important to know a few tips that may help the witness and the lawyer in preparing a deposition. It is important that the witness carefully uses words because these words may be used against him or her by the opposing counsel. It is equally important to appear as a credible witness, this means that he or she must answer in a clear, audible voice and must dress in the appropriate attire for court. He or she must also answer questions fielded to him or her in a proper and respectful manner. However, the witness should only answer questions he or she was asked and should not provide conjecture.

Above all things, it is utterly necessary that a deposition reveal the truth. Ergo, the witness must tell the absolute truth about what he or she knows without any guesses or speculations or sensationalism.

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