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What Are Some Hair Transplant Options for Women?

Hair loss and thinning hair is often an issue associated with men. However, women do suffer from hair loss problems as well. There are hair transplant options for women as well, but doctors will often first go for non-surgical treatments. This is due to the fact that often, hair loss in women is a manifestation of some underlying condition. In many cases, hair loss can be reversed with non-surgical treatments.

The main option for non-invasive hair loss treatment is the use of hair restoration products. There are many products available as over-the-counter medicine and can be bought at any drugstore. However, for serious hair loss conditions, doctors will prescribe stronger medication. You ought not to try to purchase these stronger formulations as if you use the wrong kind, you can experience unwanted side effects, such as increase in facial hair growth. Another non-invasive option is laser therapy. This therapy makes use of a tightly focused beam of light in order to stimulate hair growth.

The issue with non-surgical procedures is that, while they can be effective, the benefits may be temporary. That is, once a patient stops using them, hair loss might become a problem once again. This is where hair transplant procedures come into the picture.

There are two general kinds of hair transplants for women: hair is moved from one place to another and scalp reduction. In the first kind, hair is taken from one area of the scalp and then transplanted to an area which needs more hair. In the second kind, healthy portions of the scalp are stretched to cover the areas of the scalp which do not produce hair. These unhealthy portions are removed.

Surgical hair loss treatments are a more permanent way of dealing with hair loss.

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