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What Are Some Herbal Remedies for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition which affects a huge number of people all over the world today. Technically called diabetes mellitus, it actually covers a range of conditions of varying natures. In general, however, diabetes involves issues with the regulation of insulin, which results in fluctuating levels of blood sugar. While there are many available synthetically manufactured drugs to treat diabetes today, there are still many who prefer to try out herbal remedies - either on their own or alongside prescription drugs.

Herbal remedies for diabetes have a longstanding history of reliability and efficacy, although not all of them have been clinically proven. One of the most common herbal remedies for diabetes is bitter melon or bitter gourd. It is widely used around the world to lower blood sugar levels.
Asian ginseng is another herbal remedy that has proven to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It does so by enhancing the release of insulin as well as to increase insulin receptors.

Cinnamon is perfect to spice up many dishes, but it has also been found to help with diabetes. What it does is to make fat cells more receptive to insulin as well as to convert glucose to energy at a much higher level.

Fenugreek, which is an herb that can be found in the Mediterranean region, is great for lowering blood sugar as well. Its seeds are high in fiber content and trigonelline, both of which are recognized as blood sugar-lowering agents.
While herbal remedies are effective and most often safe, it is still best to check with your doctor as certain combinations may have undesirable effects.

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