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What Are Some Popular Middle Names?

A middle name refers to the second name of a person. For example, in the name Maria Christina, Maria is the first name and Christina is the second name, also known as the middle name. In other countries, however, middle names are considered to be the maiden name of the mother.

There are many different middle names to choose from, and they greatly depend on the generation and environment. Having a middle name means having a choice of which name to use, whether it be the first name or the middle name. Most people prefer to be called by their middle name. Parents usually think really hard just to come up with a creative name of their child. Sometimes when the first name is simple, they think of a creative name to match with the simple first name. They do not want their child to be stuck with a simple first name.

Most of the popular middle names are also used as the first name, and vice versa. Some of the popular classic names for women are as follows: Anna, Andrea, Angeline, Claire, Clarisse, Dianne, Grace, Karen, Micah and Rose. For men, on the other hand, Allan, Alex, Albert, John, Kevin, Victor, William, James, Robert, and Joseph are popular names.

It is important to choose names that go well together. Try to stay away from names that do not rhyme together. For example, Christine Nicole, Maria Anne, and Mac Karsten are examples of names that don't go well nor sound good together.

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