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What Are Some Tips for Dealing With Hyperactive Kids?

Hyperactive kids including those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD can be quite challenging to deal with. Parents, teachers and caregivers need to be aware of the basic ways in which to deal with hyperactive kids.

Realize: Know that the child is not always capable of self control.

Rules: Make the rules clear, explain the limits allowed and the consequences that may follow breaking the rules. Explain the rules verbally, allow the child to repeat the rules back to you. Make sure the rules are understood by everyone in the family, write them down and put them in an obvious place. Basic rules include no violence, and no disrespect.

Routines: Routines are part of controlling mechanisms which are helpful in developing discipline. Once a child is used to a certain pattern of doing things, they can avoid erratic behavior. A good routine has a fixed bed time, meal times and bath times. With bedtime, a child eventually learns to naturally unwind and become calmer within 30 minutes or an hour of their usual bedtime.

Relax: Encourage quiet, calming activities. Read a book together, take a walk, or simply sit and hold hands and encourage them to talk.

Run: At times the energy is just too much, so allow time and space for the child to run and jump, or do any form of exercise.

Response: If the child does well, give positive reinforcement. Avoid constantly criticizing and being aggressive.

Restrict: TV acts as a trigger, instead offer more active and creative pursuits.

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