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What Are Some Ways I Can Make Elderly People Feel Needed?

As people grow old, there are those who experience the feeling of being neglected by their love ones. There are also those who feel like they are being taken for granted just because they are old and their ideas are traditional. Still other experience the feeling that they are no longer needed especially when they live away from their families and that their love ones are always busy with work and other stuff. In such cases, it is crucial that elderly people should feel that they are needed in order for them to cope with the anxieties accompanying aging.

One important way to make elderly people feel needed is to have a hearty talk with them. Topics can be about their life, their experiences, their challenges, their likes and their hobbies. It can also be helpful for them if you seek some advice in certain matters such a love life or family life given their extensive experiences. Another way to make elderly people needed is to get involve in their favorite activities and learn tips from them. If they love cooking, one might as well ask for their special recipe and let them teach you their ways of doing it. In such way, elderly people feel that they are needed and that they play a special role in one’s life and in the people around them. Finally, one should also consider giving treats to the elderly people such as a heartwarming message or a letter of gratitude for all that they have shared and taught. Elderly people will surely appreciate it.

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