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What Are Travel Shots?

The term travel shots is often used informally to refer to vaccination that is sometimes required before a person can be allowed to travel to another country. Not all countries require vaccination, but it is still a good idea to check with your doctor as to what shots you can have before you go to a particular destination. It is also smart to check out the health information regarding your destination as specific illnesses may still be an issue in that part of the world.

Often, you will hear about three kinds of travel vaccinations. They are routine travel shots, recommended travel shots, and required travel shots. Routine travel shots are those which are usually given to children and carried on to adulthood. You probably have had your tetanus shots, measles shots, rubella shots, and so on. These are considered to be routine shots. Recommended travel shots include vaccinations against typhus, hepatitis (A and B), and so on. The last kind, required travel shots, will depend on your destination. Some examples would be yellow fever shots, meningoccocal shots. If your destination has a high occurrence of these diseases, then you will be asked to show proof of your vaccination before you can enter the country.

When you go on a trip, especially if it’s to several countries, it is a good idea to always have copies of your vaccinations. To be practical, just keep the papers with your other travel documents. This will prevent any hassle at the airports or borders in case you are asked to show proof.

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