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What Are Unemployment Benefits?

Whether we like it or not, sometimes, life throws us a curve ball. Some are unfortunate enough to find themselves without a job through no fault of their own. Whatever the reason may be for unemployment, as long as it is not the employee’s fault, he may be eligible for unemployment benefits. These benefits come in the form of monetary assistance from the government. As can be surmised, the government keeps close tabs on unemployment benefits as they are prone to abuse. Your eligibility for unemployment benefits and the details of how much you receive and for how long will depend largely on the specific rules and regulations in your state.

In general, however, an employee will be eligible for unemployments if he meets several requirements. One, he has to have been previously employed for a specific period of time. The period is the factor that will vary depending on the location. Two, the reason for unemployment has to be termination unrelated to poor performance. This can be quite tricky as the employer has the right to dispute this point and try to prove that the termination was due to poor performance.

As for the amount that an individual receives under an unemployment benefits program, it is usually equal to the salary that he received when he was employed. The money is usually paid out in weekly installments.

It is important that a person who is receiving unemployment benefits look for a new job. This is actually a requirement, and the person has to provide regular reports regarding the status of his job search.

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