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What Are Wildcrafters?

Wildcrafters are people who engage in the act of wildcrafting. Wildcrafting is the practice of gathering plants from their natural habitat. These plants are harvested only, and not cultivated in any manner. They may be found anywhere in given area, and not just in the wilderness. The purpose of harvesting these uncultivated plants is for consumption, either for food or medicine.

One major issue faced by wildcrafters is the protection of endangered species. Ethical considerations should always be kept in mind whenever harvesting plants in the wild. Proper respect should be given to the environment to maintain the sustainable living conditions of these plants. Branches, leaves, and flowers are the only parts that should be taken by wilfcrafters, and they should be removed sparingly. The living plant, particularly the root, should be left on the ground to continue to grow. If the whole plant is needed to be taken, the seeds of the plant should be put in the empty whole where the roots used to be.

For wildcrafters in the United States, they need to specify and provide a report on the harvesting area. An account of the last three years is given about the area, and it should show that no harmful and prohibited substances were used there. The report should also include a plan for harvesting that shows a sustainable way of harvesting the wild crop. The area's condition should be left the same way before it was harvested, and no prohibited chemicals and other substances should be left by the wildcrafter.

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