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What Are Youthful Offenders?

Youthful offenders is a legal term which refers to underage criminals. Another commonly used term is "juvenile delinquents", with each of the two being popular in different places of the world. The legal proceedings related to dealing with a youthful offender are vastly different from those involved in dealing with regular criminals, as children cannot be imprisoned (at least not in a regular facility) or rightfully punished for their actions.

Most of the consequences of juvenile delinquency are aimed at helping the child improve and steer away from crime, and not so much on punishing them as regular prisons do. There are special facilities designed for housing youthful offenders, called juvenile correctional facilities - in them, children are subjected to a complete educational program, along with sufficient entertainment and social interaction. Counseling is also provided to juvenile delinquents on request, and in cases of repeated offenders, it may even be mandatory (which also depends on the crimes committed).

An interesting statistic shows that juvenile delinquents are predominantly male - this has been indicated by several independent studies conducted at different times in various places around the world, which unanimously concluded that there is a noticeable male majority among youthful offenders. There are various theories about the cause of this, most of them addressing the subject of masculinity and others' perception of oneself (an issue common among children). Studies indicate that when properly addressed, youthful offenders can be corrected fully and transformed into law-abiding citizens with a much higher success rate than adult criminals.

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