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What Are Yuppies?

The term Yuppie is short of Young Urban Professional. A yuppie is usually a member of the middle class, and is aged between 20 to 30 years old. Yuppism is considered a 20th century cultural phenomenon where young, good-earning professionals enjoy living a sophisticated urban life, with limited or no awareness of the real-life concerns faced by the more parochial part of the middle class. It is not strictly defined by income or class, but rather by a lifestyle created by these young professionals for themselves. For these yuppies, the mark of a real man is defined by a well-paying job in law, finance, academia, or consulting in a cultural hub, hip fashion, cool appearance, studied poise, elite education, proper recreation and fitness, and general proximity to liberal-thinking elites, especially of the more rarefied sort in the arts.

Yuppies were usually a source of ridicule in the early 1980s by those of the lower class. Their vanity and material possessions were considered capricious. An economist in Cornell University explained this mentality with the statement "When people were denouncing yuppies, they had considerably lower incomes than yuppies, so the things yuppies spent their money on seemed frivolous and unnecessary from their vantage point."

Characterizations of yuppies are shown in several motion pictures like The Bonfire of the Vanities, Fight Club, American Psycho, Wall Street, and Christmas Vacation. The yuppie characters in these films portrayed the life of real-life young professionals who live in material and financial excess. Yuppies are usually never revealed in good light. They are either disenchanted by materialisms of urban living which caused them to go off the edge, or made fun of in satirical situations.

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