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What Is an Arrest Report?

An arrest report can refer to two different items, either a legal document that details the arrest or a record of all the arrests made during a specific time period in a specific law enforcement agency. The first item referring to a legal document is the most general definition of an arrest report.

There is no specific format to an arrest report as this may vary from state to state and country to country. However, there are general details that are necessary in writing an arrest report. The name of the individual arrested, the name of the arresting officer, the name of the precinct or department the arresting officer reports to, the date and time the arrest was made, the reason for the arrest, and how the arrest was conducted are all pieces of information that must appear on an arrest report.

Much significance is placed on an arrest report, especially when the individual arrested is to submit to a court trial. The arrest report can serve as evidence in a prosecution or may serve as evidence for a case of unlawful arrest. In the latter, the arrest report is of most significance since this becomes the basis of whether or not an unlawful arrest was made.

An individual’s record within the justice system may begin with an arrest report. A person can be tracked by means of an arrest report, which is entered into law enforcement agencies’ records, along with other pertinent data such as fingerprints, signatures, physical description, and photographs.

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