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What Is Asexuality?

The terms asexuality refers to a person who does not have any interest or is not attracted to the idea of having sexual relationships. Asexuals however are not loner people who prefer to be alone. They also experience and wanted to experience relationships, be it friendship or romantic relationship, it’s just that they don’t have the urge or the desire to have a sexual experience. There has been an ongoing debate whether to classify asexuality as a form of sexuality. Some claims that asexuality is one of the many faces of sexuality, while others argue that since asexuality involves not being attracted to sexual behaviors then it should not be classified as one of the accepted types of sexuality.

The concept of asexuality has been around for more than 60 years but it has become known and established in the 1990s. Asexuality is a natural leaning, a natural process that is being manifested during the time when a person reaches puberty. It is not a choice of the person to become asexual, not like celibacy which is really a choice of an individual for some reasons. In a world where majority of the people have their own sexual orientation, to live as an asexual is very challenging. Not all people will understand their situation and there will be times when the asexual will be pressured to take on a relationship hoping that the asexual will change his or her feelings towards sex. It is also difficult for asexual to pursue relationship because of their inclination to not having sexual activities.

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