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What Is an Attorney of Record?

An attorney of record is the main lawyer who handles a particular case and represents the client. This is regardless whether or not there are other lawyers involved in the case. As such, this type of attorney is the main point of contact and therefore, responsible for receiving information from the court and other lawyers and relaying them to his client.

Being the official lawyer of a person facing a lawsuit, the attorney of record is now allowed to abandon his position any time he or she wants. In the United States, for instance, an attorney needs to obtain court permission first in order to be removed from the case. They are required to inform the court as well as the parties and other lawyers involved about any decision to withdraw from the case or any change in their email address.

The role of the attorney of record is to represent his client in the best possible way. Being the official lawyer, the attorney of record is responsible for ensuring that his client avails of his rights in the judicial system. His tasks include filing of pleadings, creating motions in court and being involved in all the other aspects of the case. Once he or she is found to be misrepresenting the client, the lawyer can be fined or even disbarred from service.

The responsibilities of an attorney of record end only when the case has been resolved or when the judge has handed down a decision. Additionally, a client has the right to dismiss the lawyer at any time should he or she finds the need to replace the attorney or wants to represent himself in court.

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