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What Is an Automotive Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a witness in a trial who gives testimonies about certain facts regarding his specialized knowledge on a specific subject. An automotive expert witness testifies on an issue related to vehicles and transportation. Unlike all other witnesses being called to court, an expert witness is rarely personally involved or an eyewitness to an event. He is hired to give his expert opinions that may help with the case.

An automotive expert witness can be an expert in accident reconstructions who most likely put together scenario to help clear any evidence for the court. Usually the witness utilizes specific knowledge with automotive physics and vehicle construction that may help enlighten the court on how an incident came to be. He may also provide specialized legal details such as right of way with accidental events. For example, an automotive expert witness may educate the court on how the vehicle moves or how it stopped when dealing in accident reconstruction. He is also shown certain evidence from the scene such as documentation and photos in which he may be able to interpret. An insurance company may also be active in car accident issues. The help of an automotive expert witness may be used to straighten out the details to determine on who should be rewarded with compensation. The witness may provide his specialized opinion based on a field perspective or scientific theory depending on the expertise of the witness. Both are valuable in helping with the case in an ongoing court trial.

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