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What Is a Baby Boomer?

Towards the end of the World War II, there was a sudden increase in the birth rates in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. The increase was so evident and it was associated with the return of the soldiers who were sent to different places abroad to fight in the war. Those babies that were born between the years 1946 to 1964 were called baby boomer. In Russia, they also coined the term Sputnik Generation, referring to a time when their space craft were launched as the time when the population was also increasing.

The baby boomer was the generation that first enjoyed how to live in a relatively peaceful world with not much wars going on. They have been enjoying certain opportunities and privileges up to the present times such as longer life span, health benefits and other innovations in science and technology. They also comprise the population of conscious and highly aware people in terms of social issues and international dynamics. The baby boomer has also been characterized with the firsts in the history of the dawn of the 20th century in terms of historical and cultural movements such as civil rights and women’s rights movements. They were also instrumental in opposing to the United States participation in yet another war in Asia particularly in Vietnam. They were advocates for peace, justice and freedom which have become important concepts in the present day. Up to the present, baby boomers continue to play a major role the present time.

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