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What Is a Bachelor's Degree?

The most common of all the college degrees is a bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree is often attained through taking a four-year course in the minimum. The total number of credit hours required for this degree is approximately 120 hours. A bachelor’s degree is considered a prerequisite for students who decide to take higher education and get a graduate or post-graduate degree.

A bachelor’s degree has two main categories – the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. The bachelor’s degree also covers many majors – from medicine, journalism, arts, education, pre-law, criminal justice, English, to pharmacy, among others. Because of advances in technology, some educational institutions now offer a bachelor’s degree online. But the traditional and still widely practiced way of getting a bachelor’s degree is by attending school. It should be noted that a bachelor’s degree requires more prerequisites and requirements when compared to an associate’s degree.

Getting a bachelor’s degree definitely helps in the job prospects of any graduate. More employers are likely to hire a candidate with a bachelor’s degree. There are even job positions that can only be filled by people with a bachelor’s degree. As mentioned earlier, education in certain career tracks like medicine or law, requires that the student have a bachelor’s degree related to the graduate level education he must take. Based on studies, people who have a bachelor’s degree earn significantly more money over the course of the careers compared to people who have not.

The bachelor’s degree is known as a baccalaureate in other countries.

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