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What Is Bad Breath Gum?

Bad breath gum is simply a type of chewing gum that is specially formulated to deal with bad breath. There are many different kinds of bad breath gum available in the market and they work in their particular ways. In general, however, bad breath gum works in two ways. One group works by releasing a pleasant odor which masks bad breath. Another group works by getting rid of bad breath by targeting the bacteria that causes bad breath.

All kinds of bad breath gum also help deal with bad breath due to the production of more saliva, which is the result of the action of chewing. Contrary to popular notion, saliva is actually a good agent against bad breath. The more saliva you produce, the more moist the mouth becomes. This is in direct contrast with having a dry mouth, which is one of the major reasons for bad breath. There is actually a condition called dry mouth syndrome which affects some people, and bad breath is one major problem that they have.

Bad breath gum that merely masks bad breath usually only contain fresh scents such as mint or cinnamon. These scents are definitely considered as pleasant and upon chewing the gum, they are released to cover bad breath. This effect is rather temporary, though, and after a while, one’s breath smells bad again.

On the other hand, bad breath gum that has essential oils works for a longer period of time as it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Without the bacteria, the mouth ends up cleaner and the breath fresher.

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