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What Is a Bagel?

Bagels are one of the most ubiquitous breads you’ll find in bakeries and cafes. The bagel is distinctive because of its shape and weight. It is a heavy ring of bread, which can sometimes be described as bland. But bagels are done with different types of flours that lend it with different tastes.

Bagels has become quite popular because of its versatility. Anyone can put anything on this bread, whether as a spread or addition to the bagel or as an addition to the dough before it is baked. In fact, bagels are considered a favorite choice for people who love to use spreads. A very popular combination is a cream cheese base on which additional ingredients are incorporated. It can be savory additions like smoked salmon or lox, or it can be sweet additions like fruits. There are many combinations that can be made, which further illustrates the versatility of bagels.

Bagels also have many properties that add to their popularity among bread lovers. For example, its heft means that it cannot be easily crushed or flattened when transporting it. Also , it doesn’t melt or freeze. These are qualities that make it an ideal bread of choice for those who bring lunch to school or the office. Even when it gets stale, bagels can still be recycled and turned either into bagel chips or ground to make bread crumbs.

Bagels have also become healthy choice for those who are conscious about nutrition because it is low in calories when compared to other breakfast items.

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