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What Is a Barsexual?

Young women, college students to be specific, are normally the regular guests at bars or clubs. Those women who tend to kiss and flirt with the same sex inside bars or clubs and other public places are what we call barsexuals. They tend to engage is such activities because they want to surprise the people watching them, or to catch the attention of the public, not for the reason of getting involved in a relationship with the same sex.

With the actions of these barsexuals, they may look like they are lesbians or bisexuals. However, they still want the companionship of men. One of their intentions may be to attract the attention of other men. They want to catch the attention of other men, specifically their boyfriends because they know that some men are curious and interested about women flirting with the same sex. These barsexuals may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and they may not be aware of what they are doing.

There are two kinds of people that a barsexual approaches. First is friends or peers. Some barsexuals are more comfortable flirting with someone they already know. While for other barsexuals, a total stranger is much more interesting to flirt with, especially when they just met inside a bar with many younger teenage women and almost all of them are under the influence of alcohol, so rejection is quite impossible. More often than not, barsexuals are doing more than just kissing. They do hard core flirting especially when the crowd gets louder.

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