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What Is the Best Sinus Relief?

Anyone who has had an infected sinus will tell you just how painful it can be. It may start out to be a slight discomfort, but if the condition is not treated, the pain can become quite excruciating. To deal with sinus pain, there really isn’t one single medication or treatment. Rather, you will best benefit from a combination of different things.

If your sinus is already infected, your primary consideration is to get rid of the infection, and this can only be done by taking antibiotics. Of course, in some cases, the body can get rid of the infection on its own but this takes time. It is crucial that you follow the instructions regarding the antibiotics to the T. If taken improperly, antibiotics will increase the resistance of the bacteria, and you will have to go through a new cycle of stronger antibiotics.

Decongestants and pain killers also offer quick relief from sinus pain. These two are available over the counter, making them quite accessible. When purchasing these medicine, go for the ones that are also anti-inflammatory as that will alleviate your condition as well. Common medication that is used to deal with sinus pain are ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Ask your local pharmacist for the specific brand that they recommend, although generic drugs work just as well.

For really quick relief, use a vaporizer or facial steam bath. This treatment works wonders and all you need is to boil some water. Once it is boiling, place your face over the pot and inhale the steam. You can cover your head with a towel to maximize the steam. Within a minute or so, you will feel the effect. Do this for at least 10 minutes at a time as often as needed.

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